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E Pluribus Magic

‘Santas’ by the amazing Ashton Worthington – part of his ENTHUSIAST project and a tribute to the magic of the holiday season.  From Ashton:

1200 miles, 6 states, 9 Santas.

As part of my ongoing ENTHUSIAST project photographing portraits of people involved in cosplay, historical reenactment, LARP, etc, I’ve spent the beginning of December traveling up and down the East Coast shooting Santas (my new favorite sentence). I find it beautiful how people come together from vastly disparate backgrounds, form communities, and become like family and find a place they can be their sincere selves. There isn’t an ouce of irony or joke-ness about these Santas – they live for this. They truly understand what they represent to children and how deep an effect they can have on their lives, and take that responsibility incredibly seriously. I BELIEVE.

See more of the project at enthusiast.ashtonography.com and on Instagram at @ashtonography

And from all of us at k2creative:  Happy Holidays. Stay Jolly.

santa card_6x9_final build_ecard


Massimo Gets Kinky

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Massimo Gammacurta sure knows how to spice things up!  His breathtaking beauty editorial is below, focusing on keeping cosmetics sexy, and featuring luxury brands.  Well done Massimo – you just brought sexy back.



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NY Times Mag Cover, Massimo Gammacurta – CONGRATS!

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I don’t want to brag…oh wait, yes I do.  CONGRATS to photographer Massimo Gammacurta on the cover of New York Times Magazine’s “food” issue, all about CANDY! Massimo creates this candy magic and then photographs it beautifully. We’re thrilled to share this fantastic news! Check out the “behind the cover” video piece below as well as his beautiful cover below.  We are SO very proud of this work!:28Cover_Final.indd

Social Media Marketing Article

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on July 18, 2018

Adweek gives us 5 valuable social media marketing lessons that can be learned from Netflix.  Lots to consider here, especially as we continue to build our social media following!  Click the link below to see for yourself!  Oh yeah – and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

ADWEEK ARTICLE:  5 Social Media Marketing Lessons From Netflix

THE GRAMS – Massimo’s new conceptual project

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Massimo Gammacurta has been testing a new project – called “THE GRAMS”.  Final project is on his site but we’ll post here later this week!  For now, take a look at some of the behind the scenes mayhem that creates his photo magic.

Budweiser Video, Ashton Worthington

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Baltimore, a personal project

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Photographer Ashton Worthington is at the beginning of what proves to be an interesting and inspiring journey.  His goal:  An objective portrait that can transcend media’s portrayal / constructed narratives of his hometown, Baltimore.  This is just the beginning of what will be a long journey for Ashton…stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks and months.  And check out his last personal project, Afghanistan, here.

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This is K2

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Oh you know, just reminiscing about the start of K2 Creative and all the things that brought us here…  thought it’d be fun to add us to our blog!

little know facts about our agency

  • K2 was cofounded by Kristy Caruso and Katie Ryan. The concept for the agency (keep things simple, work hard, no divas) came about while the two were on a road trip, on a night they were freezing and electricity was scarce. They had nothing else to do – but talk about the future.
  • K2 began 2009 in the midst of the economic breakdown. Why? Well…why not?
  • Katie likes popcorn more than food.
  • Kristy likes to sing. Badly. All the time.
  • K2’s motto came to be long before the agency. The company sticks by it and will do so as they continue to grow. SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA. Because really, who needs it?


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