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And just like that, our blog was gone…A poem

Posted in Our Humble Opinions by K2Creative on March 8, 2010

A cheesy poem about our blogging misfortune.

Did a kick-ass photoshoot with Conair – Bruce Soyez shot great beauty and hair.

Excited to post behind-the-scenes shots, I ran to the blog with jpegs and what-nots

K2creative, i typed in with joy – for me, the blog was still a brand new toy.

Then went our password, the anticipation arose – I was really excited about these damn photos!

But then my heart started to pound -as I saw the following words:  “address unknown, blog not found”

I whimpered and screamed and logged in again, and what I found was not what had been.

I called Katie in fear, no time for panic – login failed on her end, and then things got manic.

We called the tech geeks we knew, and looked for our blog – no one had answers, we were all in a fog.

Months of our writing, our news, our good cheer – all our rantings and ravings, they’d all disappeared.

And finally with acceptance, the conclusion was drawn – and just like that, our blog was gone.

So here’s a new blog we just started today – excuse the lack of content, there’s more on the way.

It’ll be chock full of info on all of our artists – as well as our thoughts, which we hope are the smartest.

Sign up and follow, we’re gaining traction  – K2Creative’s blog is back in action!


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