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The news article that put everyone in a tizzy

Posted in Our Humble Opinions by K2Creative on April 9, 2010

That dang NY Times article.

12 days ago, as I was innocently searching for a great studio space for our next Conair shoot, I heard the “ding” sound Mac mail makes when a new email comes in.  The subject of the forsaken email:  NYTimes.com: For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path (you can see it here).

I read the article.  THE ENTIRE ARTICLE.  Then, I went back to my work.

That’s when it started: Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. DING!  For over a week, I was forwarded the article – by friends, photographers, and even family, all concerned for their careers or mine.

Here’s what gets me – I don’t think anyone actually READ the article – just looked at the subject, panicked, and sent it to me.

The article, mostly, is about photojournalists and how people are buying stock over original photography, both in news and advertising.  I’m always sad for the lack of appreciation of good talent vs. cheap rates.  It’s something I could talk about forever.  Regardless, I need to give my opinion here, whether right or wrong:


Yes, it’s true that times have changed.  This isn’t the 80’s or even the 90’s – Photographers are no longer treated like gods.  The market is over saturated, and there is a lot of good work out there, making the pricing process more competitive overall.   But let’s be real – the market ebbs and flows.   We’ve seen it in history, and we see it now.   Things may never again be like they were in the good old days.  But what’s a photographer to do?  Throw their camera in the East River?  What’s an agent to do?  Close up shop and wallow in all the time and effort spent?   The answer for me is: don’t panic.

Photography isn’t going away.  True talent will still be recognized, and while some may use stock imagery instead of original artwork, not everyone will.

In addition to the damn NY  Times article, I’ve been hearing people say the iPAD saved the magazine business.  REALLY?  I can’t give Apple credit for that.  However, the world is changing and Apple changed with the world – and now, print media can and WILL adjust as well.  Call it naivety, call it blind optimism – I just don’t believe the print ad and magazine spread are dead.

Moral of the story – things don’t stay the same forever.  Anyone smart enough to remain flexible will succeed in some way.  And all others will just continue to complain.

Keep Calm and Carry On, people.  Do I need to buy you the poster?

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