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That’s a wrap…Eyjafjallajokull

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on April 21, 2010

I woke up this morning thinking about 2 things –  how horrible my allergies have been and if my friends remain stranded in Italy. Let’s be serious people can any one really be stranded in Italy for an extended holiday?

In all seriousness I’ve been a tad fascinated with Eyjafjallajokull since I heard about the eruption. I had no idea volcano’s exists in Iceland or that people would be in such a panic to fly they’d risk their own lives.

I got up and turned on the news and logged onto CNN to hear that airports across Europe are reopening today. The great news also came with an email from my friends toasting a safe flight back to NYC from the airport in Venice.

However I was super thankful that Nori, our photographer had made his travels to London just a week before European flights had been halted. Nori traveled to London to shoot the new campaign for Dewar’s White Label and 12. We can’t wait to hear when the images will break by early summer. While in London he had some free time to attend high tea and check out some sites.


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