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Singin’ the Blues

Posted in Uncategorized, What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on April 29, 2010

I had a whole rant planned about how jaded New Yorkers are, based on some things I’ve seen lately, in person and on the news. This put me in a real doom and gloom place – until I received an email from our photographer, Lou Bopp.  In it were the new images for his latest endeavor, a photo book called The Blues Project.

Lou has spent the last year pursuing his passion for the Blues and finding the story behind some of it’s innovators.  The result is a journey through the lives of artists on the Mississippi Delta through photos.

The spirit of these aging musicians, whose lives and stories led them to their music, inspired me – because in each of Lou’s photos there is a hard-luck story, but also an air of strength.

I asked Lou to write something about it, and so he did:

I started The Blues Project because I’m a music & culture junkie and I wanted to get back to my roots of photography, no producers, lighting techs, cost consultants, assistants etc. etc. just me and a camera.

Thousands of miles traversing the state, dozens of visits, I searched high & low to find these national treasures. While I shot a lot of performance photos, I chose not to show very many. I am most interested in their lives behind the scenes. It’s more revealing, and without mentioning names most of their homes & environments are not for the faint of heart. Kind’a what I expected, but that’s the blues I guess.

I stayed in dives for what I’ve paid for a normal martini at the Rose Bar at home in NYC, I listened to am radio, felt the wind, picked cotton, ate some of the best & worst food, pulled all nighters and sweated like never before in that delta furnace.

The folks featured in this book are the single biggest living legends of the delta blues that we have left. Actually, some are already gone.  If you get a chance, visit Mississippi while the remaining few are still with us.  If you go, hang out at a juke joint, get off the beaten path.  Listen to some vinyl, meet people, find some live blues, drink beer from a can.  If all goes well, you’ll reek from smoke, but you’ll be a heck of a lot richer.


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  1. rhonda caruso said, on April 30, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    good story kristy there is a whole world out there and everyone has a story.

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