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Guilty Pleasure: Solange Partridge-Azagury

Posted in Guilty Pleasures, Our Humble Opinions by K2Creative on May 17, 2010

No one paid us to write this.  We did not receive free jewelry to promote her (though, ummm, we wouldn’t mind some)!
And no, we’re not shooting her next campaign.  But hint hint,  WE’D LOVE TO!

We just plain think this is some of the coolest, most creative jewelry we’ve ever seen.  Basically, it kicks other jewelry’s ass.

There’s something both raw and sleek about it, a little dark and a little naughty.   A little like us!
Also check out some of the designer’s personal projects – her perfume bottles and furniture are pretty impressive.

If you’re in NY or London, definitely visit the boutique.  I can’t speak for those across the pond, but the NY space makes me want to move my desk in and call it my own.

Check it out, buy a piece, hell – buy us a piece.

And Ms. Solange Partridge-Azagury:  consider this a plea –  we want to shoot for you!

•••All photos courtesy of www.solangeazagurypartridge.com


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