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Olé! Spain takes first place – And so does Joshua Scott

Posted in Guilty Pleasures, Our Humble Opinions, What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on July 12, 2010

So the infamous “Paul the Octopus” was right – Spain defeated Netherlands in overtime at the FIFA World Cup, and it seems like all is right with the world.
Though I watched the game standing next to 6 women in their fifties who were in town from Amsterdam, and were cursing at the big screens in the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, I gathered there were more Spain fans in the crowd due to the many red painted faces surrounding me.

As a New Yorker that grew up on baseball and football (not fútbol), soccer was always a sort of mystery.  I’m so happy to see how that’s changed for many New Yorkers over the past decade.  I don’t know what it is – perhaps the diverse culture here in the city, or maybe just people tired of the same old thing – but NY has soccer fever, myself included.  I’ve got to admit – when the crowd began cheering Olé,Olé,Olé,Olé, I found myself singing right along.

Call it too much beer, call it too much heat, call it flash mob excitement.  Call it fútbol, football, or soccer.  Call it what you want – I’m just glad it’s here.

Congrats to Spain on your 1st place win!

And while we’re speaking of first place, I don’t want to forget to congratulate our very own Joshua Scott – He received APA (American Photographic Artist) 1ST PLACE photographer 2010 accolades for his newest photo series, POP! faces.  This is Joshua’s second year as winner and we’re delighted to announce it!  See more of Joshua’s work on our site – and keep an eye out for video of the POP! faces series, which we’ll showcase soon.

Congrats to Joshua on his win!  See the winning series below.  Olé!

1st place APA - Joshua Scott wins with crumbled faces of celebs come and gone.


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