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Kanye West shouts out Joshua Scott…

Posted in What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on July 28, 2010

…so we’re shoutin’ right back!

Check out Kanye’s blog to see Joshua Scott’s (along with Art Director Yee Wong) latest endeavor – a stop motion photo project called POP! Faces.

POP! Faces is featured on trend and style blogs everywhere this week.  We’re glad Kanye picked it up – and that he doesn’t mind seeing his face crumbled into a tiny ball.  Actually, Joshua’s purpose behind the  project was to bring awareness to how we judge celebs.  Watch the clip and see his artists’ statement below:

From Joshua: “The POP! Faces Series, in a nod to Richard Prince image re-purposing, displays celebrity portraits mangled into distorted mini sculptures. This series comments on celebrity figures’ lack of control over their own public image and how their personalities are judged once they enter the public media sphere. Ones reputation becomes disposable and can be trashed one day but also resurrected the next. In an internet age we are all becoming public figures and it is increasingly easy for others to distort how we are seen by the rest of the world.”

The piece includes such controversial and celebrated figures as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, and of course, Kanye West.  Notice that Taylor Swift didn’t make the cut…I’m just sayin’…

See more of Joshua’s still-life work on our site, including the mini sculptures he created and shot with the POP! Faces pics.

And Kanye – you rock (and rap).  We love what you do, and are damn glad you like Joshua’s work.  If you ever need a photographer… 😉


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