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A New Yorker in the New Yorker…and other news from our Brooklyn Boy, Seth Kushner

Posted in What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on November 22, 2010

Our ONLY born-and-raised in New York photographer, Seth Kushner, is racking up clients (and good news) right before Thanksgiving.  

First, Seth’s imagery from his renowned photo book Brooklynites (can you tell he loves his hometown?) has made it to the pages of the New Yorker.   You’ll see Yana, a woman straight from the pages of Brooklynites, illustrating the piece of fiction titled “Assimilation”  by E.L. Doctorow.

While Seth is excited to see his imagery grace the pages of such a kick-ass magazine, he’s thrilled with even better news:  The first book from Graphic NYC, a brand Seth has helped to established, is in print now!  GraphicNYC Presents Dean Haspiel: The Early Years can be found in bookstores nationwide.  IDW Publishing took the reigns on this one, and Seth shot the front and back cover, as well as more on the inside pages.

You’ll also see his portrait of author Neil Gaiman on the back cover of all 12 new editions of the Sandman series.   Seth’s a huge fan of Neil and the series, so this is a special honor for him.

And of course, we can’t fail to mention Seth’s latest portrait of Jonathan Ames, creator of the offbeat hit HBO Series, Bored to Death for HEEB Magazine.  Not so coincidentally,  Zach Galifinakis‘ character is based on Dean Haspiel.  And the New York circle continues.

As if that wasn’t enough, Seth has another surprise we can’t mention yet – let’s just say it’s great career news. All this work while we were in production for our Rosetta shoot, which was a huge success!

I’m announcing that Seth is kicking ass and taking names here, and not to him personally.   He’s a humble guy.  As a fellow New Yorker (albeit not a Brooklynite), I know what would happen if I said it to his face.   He’d blush for a second, probably look me in eye, throw his hands in the air, and say ” ahh – Fuggedaboutit” …  Well done Seth!!


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