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Out with the old and in with the NEW YEAR 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on January 6, 2011

I cannot believe I turned the page in my planner on Monday…and SMACK it was 2011. To say that 2010 went by with a blink of an eye would be an  understatement not to mention December alone was just manic. Between Bruce Soyez Bernard shooting for ConAir/John Frieda, Joshua Scott shooting multiple campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Fusion Beauty, Seth Kushner working on additional stories for his CulturePop series and Lou Bopp in San Francisco for over a week shooting a lifestyle gig for AMD it was a month that all went by before it even started. I think we needed more than just the regular latte to keep us going at K2 Creative.

We wanted to take a deep breathe and thank every one that we worked with in 2010 – it was an amazing year for K2 Creative Management. We wish everyone a happy, healthy and a lil bit of Mo in 2011 – we’re psyched to show you all the new work and projects we’ve been working on.

Check back to see updates on the news and artists sections soon.


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