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Guilty Pleasure: The Ingenious Dutch

Posted in Guilty Pleasures by K2Creative on March 22, 2011

The dang Dutch have done it again.  Wish I could take credit for discovering these on a weekend trip to Amsterdam – but I actually read about them on Freshome blog.  Since stumbling on the article yesterday, I’ve looked at these five times – and now feel they count as a guilty pleasure.  But how guilty can you feel about looking at great advertising when you’re a photo agent?  The following faces are actually ads created to call attention to an event called Dutch Book Week (Boekenweek) – promoting literature in the Netherlands.  God, I love the Dutch…

This year is dedicated to (auto)biographies (every year a different genre is highlighted).  The campaign, titled “Written Portraits” was conceived by Markus Ravenhorst and Maarten Reynen, who worked with ad agency Van Wanter Etcetera and the artist Souverein to create the final product.

The series is pretty insane.  I’m not always the biggest fan of CGI – but in this case, it aids in smart, clean and fascinating artwork I can’t stop looking at.  These crazy-realistic-looking-book-sculptures (for lack of a more professional term) portraying famous personalities such as Vincent Van Gogh and Anne Frank, WOW me.

Ahh, I love the Dutch. Did I mention that? 😉  Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!




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