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Before They Were Rockstars – Ashton Worthington

Posted in Before They Were Rockstars, What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on April 26, 2011

Check out our new segment – BEFORE THEY WERE ROCKSTARS.  VH1, please don’t sue us.  You get full credit for the name.

Every month, we’ll give you the inside scoop on one of our photographers – where they come from, their ups, their downs, and of course, how they got to where they are today.

It’s not just a bio of their campaigns and accolades – it’s a look at the heart of these guys.  From high school drops outs to math nerds (no offense, Ashton), former models to prison stories (and even a wannabe French cowboy), our roster surprised even US with their cockamamey stories and strange idiosyncrasies.

While imagery is key for Katie and I when working with a photographer, personality is also a MUST.  We’ve got a soft spot for laughter, irony and subtle, smart sarcasm.  Seems we’ve attracted the right bunch.  Because if you can’t laugh, what’s the damn point?

We love that our photographers come from somewhere else, and some of their pasts are hilarious.  Just like all of us, they’ve got a story.  And knowing that story gives us and our clients a deeper understanding of who we’re entrusting with campaigns, editorials, and our friendship.

Enjoy – these are going to be fun!

ASHTON WORTHINGTON – Before he was a rockstar
Ashton Worthington, our newest photographer, has a name synonymous with what he shoots – CAMPAIGNS.  He’s worked with top-tier companies in the corporate, lifestyle and still-life realms, from Intel to Rocawear.  He also shoots a mean image library and rocks products in-studio.  This dude is no stranger to the world.  As a photographer he’s traveled far and wide on lengthy trips for major conglomerates.  But our Brooklyn-based boy, who insists on writing only in lowercase unless speaking with a client, is an analytical and goofy guy that started out much closer to home.  We keep wondering if he was the 6th member of the Breakfast Club (you MUST see picture below).

Where are you from originally?
baltimore – just like on The Wire.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
i am a very only child.  i still don’t share well.  don’t touch my stuff.

What did you intend to do when you “grew up”?
photography was always high on the list. both my father and grandfather were amateur photographers, and photography was my first class the first day of high school. something in math or science probably would have been the other option – I was pretty serious about those in high school. I even went to math camp to study non-euclidian geometry one summer. that’s where I held hands and slow danced with a girl (Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven, INXS never tear us apart) for the first time, so it wasnt as bad as it sounds.

What were you like as a teen?  Do you see reflections of your teen self in your adult life?
i think i was very serious as a teen and kind of still am, so yes in that respect. i also kind of still picture myself as a teenager, so definitely. visually, i looked like i stepped right out of a john hughes movie. i sold Z Cavaricci clothes at the Attivo at the mall. i was a horrible salesman but looked totally fly in my high-waist peg-leg two-belt pants and my turquoise and black rayon shirt. i loved that shirt.

What was your first job ever?
see above. technically not my first job, though – my first first job was helping out at my mom’s shop – she had a store selling basket making supplies. I also worked summers running the photostat machine at my dad’s graphic design firm. anybody who knows what a photostat machine is gets a 10% discount. anyone who’s every USED a photostat machine gets 25%.

What was your first job in the photo business?
does photo editor for both the school newspaper and yearbook count? my dad hired me to shoot some still life shots for a college brochure when I was a freshman in college, and I shot a brochure for the Delaware Symphony Orchestra my junior year. After school, I assisted a little and then got a full-time gig shooting the woolworth circular at a catalog studio. dont laugh – we shot it 8×10.

How did you get into photography?  What is it that kept you here?
it’s so thoroughly in my DNA, I think I kind of had to. my dad was a graphic designer but actually majored in photography. my mother was a fiber artist – weaving, macrame, basketry, needlework, knitting. my father’s mother was a woodworker – serious enough that she cut off part of her thumb on the table saw working on a deadline late at night – when she was like 75.  and my mother’s father, by profession a minister (and ambulance driver, and tax assessor), was an amateur photographer, painter and architect.

the cheese keeps me here now.

What is your dream project in this business?

it’s kind of hokey, but I’m not sure I have any one specific thing. I just love working, love shooting. any time someone wants me to push the button, no matter what it is, it’s an opportunity, and I love it. it’s just so cool how many different and random lives and worlds I get to bump into doing this – any and every assignment is a treasure.

If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?

probably architecture – if I could do it without worrying about what clients want or building codes.
Something we think you should know about Ashton:

We have a little AW insight for ya.  Ashton is a thinker – he’s smart and non-reactive, and every shoot he does is an epic SUCCESS.  He’s got one downfall – his face.  We can always tell when Ashton is uncomfortable – or wants to laugh.  His eyes open really wide.  Like, wider than one could imagine.  On a shoot a few years ago with a stylist who had just returned from a chemical peel, Ashton’s face was priceless.  I wish we had a picture.

These days Ashton is a cheese fiend with with a wife and two kids.  His new Brooklyn studio is officially open for business, and he’s geared up for new gigs.  Welcome to the team, Ashton Worthington!!  Check his work out on our website now.  And definitely don’t leave this blog without viewing his prom picture below.  Classic.

Ashton before prom. Breakfast Club, anyone?

recent (and accurate) portrait of ashton, by his 3-year-old daughter.


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