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Before they were rockstars – Barb Cole

What can be said about Barb Cole?  For starters, she’s one of the most wonderful people we’ve ever met.  In addition, she’s a fantastic artist.  Oh yeah, and she’s incredibly funny and just goofy enough to make her approachable.  Barb is genuinely happy to work, to create, and to be in the water.  We’ve known Barb for 6 years – and have recommended her for jobs, regardless of who she was represented by.  It’s almost impossible NOT to – she’s just that special.  As her career continues to rise, Barbara Cole keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground.  Unless, of course, she’s in the pool.

In Barb’s own words, she “operates as a painter, but employs standard photographic tools.”  While many photographers rely on photoshop, Barb almost always captures everything – color, emotion, movement, light – in camera.  Barbara was again Grand Prix Winner of 6E FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL de la PHOTOGRAPHIE de MODE, Cannes and Dubai this year.   There is a currently a documentary being shot about her work.  She’s just started shooting the most amazing new project (still very hush hush, but I have a feeling the results will be magical).   And somehow, the lady manages to be a mother and wife – and oddly enough, ENJOYS baking her own birthday cake each year!

Barb’s just the best – an absolute pleasure.  And to top it off, she’s had quite the quirky/random life.  Read below and find out how different (and oddly the same) Barb’s life was before she became a rockstar.


Where are you from originally?
Toronto, ON  C a n a d a

What did you intend to do when you “grew up”?
I was going to be a librarian. Honestly. I was tested for a vocation and that’s what the powers that be came up with!!! I do like to read.  And, I love paper, and real books. No ebooks or audio books for this gal.

What were you like as a teen?  Do you see reflections of your teen self in your adult life?
D e p r e s s e d .  Yes. *Seriously, I could never have imagined how (good) different my life has turned out. Whew, feel like I dodged a bullet somehow:)

What was your first job ever?
I drove around the city on a Honda motorcyle, wearing a pair of red and white bell bottoms that said “Coke, it’s the real thing.”

What is the biggest trouble you ever got yourself into?
A friend and I skipped school. We got caught by a truant officer, who took our phone numbers. Then, the cop called me for a date and turned my friend Felice in at school.

What was your first job in the photo business?
I was a writer at a newspaper and the real photographers (the ones who were on the payroll) asked me to help them set up their shoots.

How did you get into photography?  What is it that kept you here?
It was a way to get attention. I can’t do anything else and get paid for it.

What is your dream project in this business?
An underwater fashion shoot for Yohji Yamamoto.

If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?
Living in the south of France and taking shots around my villa!  That is, if I had one.

Is there anything else (funny stories, etc…) you’d want to tell us that would work for this?
I made breakfast last week and thought that something smelled funny. Turns out it was my cinnamon toast that I had topped with roasted garlic powder accidently. Also the time I shredded (what I thought was soft cheddar) on my homemade chili and it turned out to be vanilla fudge. I could go on, believe me…


Again, what can we say?  Our Barb is quite the character (she’s the rabbit on the left!).  And we over at K2 wouldn’t have her any other way.


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