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Signs by Joshua Scott

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on August 5, 2011

We never need a reason to throw up some “signs” and while training for the Marine Corps Marathon running on the streets of New York City at 5am – I’ve been known to throw a few myself…one finger in particular comes to mind.
After seeing this recent personal project that Joshua Scott shot, I’ve been inspired to flash multiple fingers at the cabs in NYC instead of just the famous one.

Check out Joshua Scott‘s latest project, STACKED SIGNS the series has been generating a ton of buzz on the blog circuit and we can see why. His signs are bold and joined with jewels from nOir and Bijules Jewelry that is just perfect for this sorta thing. He teamed up with stylists: Brit Cato and hand model from: Ginally Parts Models  and the rest was history.

Joshua was inspired to shoot the “Stack Signs” series after viewing a gallery show of Michael Schmelling’s Atlanta photographs at Clamp Art. Joshua decided to re-mix the art form of gang sign stacking with some over the top fashion accessories, notably jewelry from nOir (who created Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce glove) and Bijulles. The fashion industry has always tried to co-opted street culture with mixed results and this seemed like a way to express that to some absurd extremes.

The actual stacked gang signs in this series are composites of researched gang signs and do not represent specific sets.


*nOir Jewelry
*La Cresia Gloves
*Vintage Costume Jewelry at New World Order Boutiques NYC
*Bijules Jewelry








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