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When I was seventeen…

Posted in Our Humble Opinions by K2Creative on August 16, 2011

Okay, let’s discuss (all Frank Sinatra references aside).  What were YOU like in high school?   I was an over achiever.  A perfectionist.  I was a straight A student,  editor of the yearbook and newspaper, and worked after school at McDonald’s to pay for college (represent, New Paltz!).  Oh, and I played softball.  And in my spare time, I snuck into bars and clubs around NYC with a fake ID  (btw, I feel sooooo old anytime I pass The Tunnel or Limelight, haha!).  I did a LOT of things.  But here’s one thing I didn’t do – contact Photo Agents looking for representation.

Just yesterday, I received an email from Natalie Kucken, a photographer looking for a photo agent.  I clicked on her site, and liked the work.  The more I saw, the more I liked.  But then, I got to her “about page”.   And that’s when I went from feeling like an accomplished adult to an unmotivated loser.  She’s 17.  And she has a resume of things she’s ALREADY DONE.  At that age, I was still trying to figure out what I WANTED to do.  Hell, I still am!

I can’t take on any photographers at the moment – but I have a feeling Natalie is going to be just fine.  I cannot wait to see where this girl’s career takes her!


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