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Portraits = Joshua Scott?

Posted in What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on April 9, 2012

I have to admit I was a bit shocked to see an email from Joshua Scott with portraits included in the title.  Although Josh is a still life photographer, he’s often inspired by just about any thing he can get his hands on in NYC. We love that he can translate his inspiration back at his studio to bright colors and often less traditional sets. He can be found on the LES of NY or hanging at some pretty sweet gallery openings. It didn’t come as a surprise to hear that he was recently inspired by two artists and the creators of Mercura NYC. Although they create some of the most unique metal sculptures that stand alone. Josh envisioned this art on   figure and collaborating with a crew to showcase the most creative designer eyeglasses.

Mercura NYC was created by two sisters, Rachel Cohen-Lunning and Merrilee Litchtenstein, both talented artists. They started out designing metal art for the Chelsea Hotel in the mid 1970s. They’ve created just about every thing you can image from metal. The designs include metal dresses, metal bustiers, crowns, cigarette holders and fantasy jewelry. Most recently known for their creative eye wear – Mercura sunglasses have been spotted on Taylor Swift, Kelly Osborn and recently Lady Gaga in her Merry The Night and Telephone video’s. These little pieces of art have appeared in Numero, Italian Vogue, Elle and New York Magazine.

After seeing the images below, I agree with Josh. These babies are best featured on a model rather than standing alone. This story has been featured on many blogs, check out the credits below.

Photo credits:

Photographer: Joshua Scott

Model: Anouyschka Dap

Styling: Jorge Rubalcava

Make Up: Laura Kaululaau

Hair: Neil Grupp

Retouching: Michael Bonior


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