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THE MISSING – Paula Parrish shoots in Lebanon

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on March 14, 2013

Paula Parrish had a busy summer.  While most of us were planning holidays, Paula embarked on one of her most poignant projects yet – two trips to Lebanon photographing families of “The Missing.” Read past the image below for more on her inspiring journey.


ImageTrip 1:  Paula shoots relatives of The Missing (people who were killed and undocumented, or who have been missing from several conflicts dating from Lebanon’s civil war to present. See more on the missing here).  Paula traveled from town to town in Lebanon, shooting the subjects in their own homes.  During that time, there was a sudden influx of Syrian refugees, which sent her North into the Bekaa Valley with the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross).  There, Paula photographed refugees and helped out as a volunteer.

Trip 2:  The ICRC exhibits Paula’s work, shot in her unique style (see her site here) at an exhibition in observance of the International Day of the Missing.  Throughout the summer, she also traveled on field missions with various ICRC teams, from Tripoli to several villages along the Syrian border, throughout the Bekka Valley, to the south of Lebanon.  She documented the ICRC Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Security, in the field, on missions that included : setting up a triage center along the Syrian border for the wounded coming across into Lebanon, visiting Syrian patients in hospitals in Tripoli, delivering supplies to Syrian Refugees, interviewing detainees in prisons, visiting Palestinian Refugee camps, and so much more.

So there it is.  While we at K2 were home, complaining about the heat, making plans for vacations and drinks with friends on summer Fridays, Paula Parrish was making a difference.  Using her talent for good.  Actually DOING something.

Now back in New York, Paula has grown a much larger appreciation for portrait photography, taking a break from her busy beauty and fashion career to focus on portraits in her signature style that enhances the mood of each image without the use of photoshop.

See some of Paula’s breathtaking imagery from Lebanon (now in Red Cross publications worldwide) below.  Paula is grateful for the experience and opportunity the ICRC has given her – both photographically and beyond.  She hopes to work with them again soon.

To learn more about The Missing, or donate to the ICRC, you can click here.



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