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Juke joints keep the blues alive

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on June 28, 2013

We’re honored that CNN blogged about photographer Lou Bopp’s Juke Joint photos, including a short interview with Lou himself. Check out the story and fascinating imagery!

CNN Photos

When photographer Lou Bopp ventured out along Highway 61, also known as the Blues Highway, he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

He began traveling between New York and his hometown of St. Louis in 2008 and had started photographing musicians.

By 2010, he ended up in Clarksdale, Mississippi, home to many legendary blues musicians. That’s where he discovered juke joints.

Their history is an oral one and a bit muddy, but the first documentation of juke joints showed up in 1903 when an orchestral bandleader wrote about a peculiar sound he heard at one, according to Juke Joint Festival founder Roger Stolle.

The descriptions provided in the text match up with what is known as the blues.

Dating back to the emancipation, juke joints were located on plantations and served as a gathering place for African-Americans living on the lands.

The establishments became known for wild Saturday nights filled…

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