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“Med Life” by Ashton Worthington

Posted in What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on July 9, 2013

We could call it medical photography, but technically, it’s not –  it’s more lifestyle.  We could call it lifestyle, but it’s more…medical.  So MED LIFE it is!  We don’t get to show all of this on our website, but it’s great work and we wanted to get it out there.  All shot by Ashton Worthington (as if you couldn’t tell, with all the color pops below!).  See more of Ashton’s work on his site and ours.

12005_01b08_046_061211014_01h14_00711014_01f09_00311014_02c03_00711014_02c08_08411014_01e02_01111014_02c09_01211014_02f02_02312005_01_a04_066_v1 12005_01b09_022_0612 12005_01b10_053_0612 12005_01c01_064_0612 12005_01c04_043_0612 12005_01c08_058_1_0612 12005_01e03_012_0612 12005_01e07_025_0612 12005_01f01_066_0612 12005_01f03_015_0612 12005_01f06_086_0612 12005_02_b01_031_v1 12005_02_b02_013_1_0612  12005_02a01_066_0612 12005_02c01_035_061212005_02_b03_010_0612 12005_02c03_013_0612 12005_02c06_009_1_0612 12005_02c06_023_0612 12005_02c06_025_1_0612 12005_02c06_040_1_0612 12005_02c09_006_0612 12005_02c10_001_0612 12005_02c16_040_0612 12005_02c20_006_0612 12005_02d01_056_0612  12005_02d06_003_061212005_02d04_004_0612 A12005_02d15_006_061212005_02d08_019_0612 B12005_02d16_027_061212005_02e03_015 C


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