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Congratulations to us (Happy Anniversary).

Posted in Our Humble Opinions, Uncategorized by K2Creative on September 10, 2013

If someone told Katie and I five years ago we’d own a business, we would have laughed.  At them, with them, at ourselves.  Right there in the midst of economic destruction, probably at Starbucks or Cosi with all the other unemployed twenty-somethings who’d recently lost or left their jobs.  Yet here we are, 5 years later, 4 years deep into K2 Creative.  OUR BUSINESS.

While we tend to veer toward the humble-because-this-could-end-any-day-and-we-could-be-living-on-the-street mentality, we’re going to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back.  We’re not rolling in money or living some sort of dream.  But in our eyes, we’ve made it.

We did what we thought was impossible at the time.  We started something from nothing.  We did it together.  We kept it simple.

Running a small business is hard and it’s been one hell of a ride.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Save the drama for your mama.  And Happy 4th Anniversary to us.

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