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Post by: Lou Bopp

Posted in What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on August 4, 2014

Lou Bopp has been working on a series that captured the seasons on an organic dairy farm. We’ve been posting the images on the site and wanted to hear his thoughts about a series that took 2 years to shoot and why it become more than just another project to him.

Post by: Lou Bopp

I started shooting for Traders Point Creamery almost 2 years ago. When they contacted me, I didn’t really know that much about them other than I was addicted to their egg nog, which thankfully is only available during the holiday season!

TPC is a family-owned USDA organic dairy farm, artisan creamery, has an awesome chef driven restaurant, The loft, and a “general store” all located just outside of Indianapolis. They also host farmer markets, grow food, have hiking trails for visitors, a viewing area to watch the “girls” get milked, the Dairy Bar etc. and a great bunch of passionate people work there! Their milk, yogurts & cheese products are sold at many places from Whole Foods to small markets, all over the country.

The Brown Swiss cows, and myself for that matter, are free to roam and aren’t subjected to synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones or other nastiness. The TPC vision is “nourish the land that nourishes us all.” Wow, if more company’s could replicate this we would be in a much better place, both individually and as a whole.

My first shoot there was winter 2013, brutally cold! After editing that first project I knew right then and there that we had to shoot all 4 seasons in order to capture the overall essence of the farm. Every season is a different world unto itself and each adds a great amount of depth to their image library.

Below are a few of the “summer” images that I made a few days ago. I hope you enjoy!

14-08 7/26 Summer Traders Point Creamery

14-08 7/26 Summer Traders Point Creamery

14-08 7/26 Summer Traders Point Creamery

14-08 7/26 Summer Traders Point Creamery

14-08 7/26 Summer Traders Point Creamery


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