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Ashton throws a backyard BBQ. In his studio.

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on March 6, 2015

IMG_68-1A party ain’t a party…’til you see the photo booth pictures.

Let’s be honest – it’s damn cold out there.  So whats better then a Summer themed party to thank a client for all the great work we’ve done together?  A summer themed party with a photo booth!

Thanks to the entire Gillette team for showing up to a fantastic gathering, hosted by photographer Ashton Worthington.  From Shuffle Board to projected Elvis movies, “shaved” ice boozie drinks to corn hole, this party had it all.  It was a great time.

Check out some of the epic photo booth shots below.  Is that SHAVING CREAM they’re spraying in their mouths?

Now let’s see if we can make this a yearly thing.  And expand.

Ashton – Think we can get a pool in the studio for 2016?  KIDDING!  Sort of…

IMG_2 IMG_13IMG_61IMG_119 IMG_39  IMG_114 IMG_123  IMG_133 IMG_138  IMG_10   IMG_1  IMG_122 IMG_98  IMG_93  IMG_116 IMG_79  IMG_118  IMG_85  IMG_58 IMG_65 IMG_96  IMG_67  IMG_89 IMG_124 IMG_59 IMG_132    IMG_71 IMG_76  IMG_46 IMG_43 IMG_64   IMG_104IMG_20 IMG_31 IMG_129 IMG_90   IMG_80IMG_55


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