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Ashton Worthington shoots Gillette Avengers campaign

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on April 20, 2015

Tony Stark is pretty kick-ass.  Sure, he’s a genius.  A billionaire.  A playboy.  But when it comes to photography, he has nothing on Ashton Worthington.

Gillette and Marvel teamed up to create the most awesome, superhero-themed razors in anticipation of the new Avengers movie – Avengers, Age of Ultron, out May 1.  And Ashton was chosen to shoot the still life portion of their campaign.  Check out The Incredible Hulk (and Hulk Smash), Thor, Captain America and of course, Iron Man, below.

Congrats to the entire team – Art Directors, retoucher, model makers, and of course, the AWP crew.  Y’all are proof that hard work, creative genius, technical skill and LOTS of personality can result in one hell of a shoot.


avengers_gillette_razors_2  avengers_gillette_razors_3  avengers_gillette_razors_4  avengers_gillette_razors_5 gillette-avengers_cptn_amrca  gillette-avengers_hulk   Gillette-Avengers_IronMan-650x841 gillette-avengers_thor    gillette-gillette-imagine-rasoirs-inspires-super-heros-du-film-avengers_1  11084868_523184534486385_611319832_n11084664_1571482896459336_1690169943_n


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