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Artwork by Arturo Vega – American Treasure

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on May 5, 2015

We recently attended a beautiful tribute to Arturo Vega at a new gallery and performance space – Howl! Happening

Arturo was a Mexican-born artist who lived and worked on the Lower East Side of NYC from 1971 until his passing in 2013.

Arturo was known as the fifth member of the Ramones for serving as a spokesman, t-shirt seller, graphic designer and art director for the band since they started in the 1970s until 1996 when the band broke up. Chances are you have his artwork in your closet from the famous t-shirt he designed for the band with the timeless black and white Ramones logo. “They sold more t-shirts than records,” said Danny Fields, the band’s early manager.

Beginning in 1972 and over the course of his lifetime, he produced close to 100 silver-dollar Pop Art paintings that I found very striking. It amazed me that these paintings created in the 1970s looked as though they were produced within the last few years. Viewing these large paintings in person was a restart to my own creativity. The depth of the work and bright colors stood out, while feeling the emotion he had creating each piece. Hearing the tribute from his close friends was a night to celebrate his life and work from an artist that may have mainly been known through the Ramones, but made a stamp on the Pop Art culture that is present today.



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