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About Us

here’s the deal: we’re keeping it simple – no bling, no glitz, no drama.

it seems like everyone’s first question is: how’d ya get here?

so, to break it down:

last year, katie and i took a long road trip following the departure from our previous photo agency.  after a lot of wine, meditation and a sort-of nudist colony, we returned to new york refreshed and ready to work. well…refreshed, at least.

we knew how much we missed the biz – the clients, the estimates, production, marketing, and most of all, the talent. we realized it was time – so we put our heads together, searched for some non-repped amazing photographers and VOILA!  next thing you know we were designing a website and editing books for some damn good photographers willing to give 2 short brunette chicks a chance.

here’s how we look at it – at the end of the day, rich, poor, old, young, we’re all human.  we have good days and bad ones.  we want to work with people who realize this.   We believe that a genuine smile and some damn hard work can get you pretty far. At this point, we’re all about the hard work – but now that the site is complete, the smiles are coming on strong.

it’s been a crazy, and slightly overwhelming few months.  still, at the end of the day, we can’t think of anywhere else we’d like to be.

welcome to k2.  we hope you like it here.

~kristy and katie


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