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Over 800 portraits later….Seth Kushner had a blast and so did the client.

Seth had a busy end of the summer (can you believe summer is over) he’s working on a few personal projects and in between traveled to 6 cities to shoot over 800 employees of a large agency. This project was to showcase the faces behind the agency and also bring out a little personality okay well…. A lot of personality. Some may get tired during this kinda of project, but instead Seth made it full of energy and got to know these employees on a personal level. It was too fun hearing their stories and “breaking the ice” to keep from getting a traditional boring portrait. Seth embraced the project and made it so much fun that getting the personalities to come out was just plain ole fun.

All the images were clean on white background to be cohesive throughout all the locations. This made their employees shine with spunk and their true spirit came through during some long days of shooting.  Check out how the images are already be used in their offices below.


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