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Monthly Wrap (January new work)

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on February 3, 2014

Turning my calendar over to February this morning was a bit daunting, where did this past month go? This year is off to an exciting start, I think it is safe to say we’ve fully retired our heels and put on some amazing kicks to hit the ground running. The end of 2013 was bonkers, we kinda fell of the social media radar but all for great reason. Here is a taste of what is come in 2014.





Monthly Wrap (ie: new work)

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on December 19, 2013

You know it is the holiday season in NYC when it is hard to get a cab, messengers are flying in and out of the office with deliveries and glitter seems to be a staple on my desk.  Each year I tell myself that I’ll be on top of the holiday game and be prepared for the end of the year, but it always creeps up a bit too fast. Having said that we are  happy and grateful that k2creative has been crazed the last few months of 2013.
We’ve worked on some amazing projects in November and December and looking forward to what 2014 will bring.

Have a happy, safe and health holiday…. take time to enjoy what makes you happiest.


K2 Creative has a new website

Posted in Agency News by K2Creative on October 29, 2013

We’re ecstatic to launch our new website – a bit of a “face lift” for K2 Creative Management. For us, it has been a long time coming.  We’ve talked about this new site for over a year after having one hell of a time with our first site.  We’ve learned that a website is organic, and will continue to change and grow.

We’d go an inch to get things going (dang coding) and then we’d switch gears into being accountants, agents, producers and our own assistants as we got busy throughout the last year. Don’t get me wrong – we’re not complaining one bit. It has been an amazing year and we’ve been waiting anxiously to show off all the new work from the K2 Creative artists. They’ve been… well, BUSY to say the least.

The artists have been working on launching books and gallery showings from Canada to the South. We’ve worked with some great clients in the past year including Oral B, Manpower, Intel, Essence, John Frieda, Comcast, Jim Beam, Men’s Health, TechnoMarine, Conair, W Hotels, Coty and Gillette to name a few.

We hope you dig the new work as much as we do!

Joshua Scottjoshua scott

Bruce Soyez Bernard


Ashton Worthington


Barbara Cole

barbara cole

Lou Bopp

Lou Bopp

Paula Parrish

paula parrish

The Case of the Missing Semicolon

Posted in Our Humble Opinions, Uncategorized, What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on October 9, 2013

There has got to be an easier way.

We’ve been working on our new website for what seems like years now.  Nothing went right from the beginning,  and we couldn’t grasp the concept of how the back-end system would work.  I know, I know – we have several options for how to go about dealing with the website and all the changes that come along with it.  We could hire someone to do our updates, to change each site section, add the rotating homepage imagery.

We, though, chose the hard way…the way that requires a lot of after hours work learning learning the ins and outs of the site ourselves.  Why, you ask?  Partially so we could get our updates done quickly, never having to wait on someone else to put up new work.  And partially because we insist we can do everything ourselves and don’t need any help.

Is this a mistake?  Maybe.  Probably.  And with that, I bring you the case of the missing semicolon.
Last night, I put up a fashion section for Bruce Soyez Bernard (yes, Bruce is now shooting fashion along with his beauty work and it’s gorgeous).  I patted myself on the back, and, with an aire of smugness, thought “Bam!  This isn’t so hard”.  And then I checked the  website, expecting to see a waify red-head wearing Dolce and Gabana staring at me.  Alas, nothing.  White screen.  And not just the fashion section – it appeared ALL of Bruce’s work was gone.

And so began 4 hours of my life I’ll never get back.  And the problem, discovered way past my bedtime?  A semicolon.  One friggin semicolon had been left out of the coding I added for the new section.

Don’t get me wrong…I was ecstatic (and humbled) when it finally worked.  But seriously – there has to be a better way to get imagery on a website.  I humbly welcome any ideas.

And in the meantime, check out some of Bruce’s new fashion work below.  Our new website will be out soon.  🙂


A Spring Smattering From the Blogging Slackers at K2

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on June 28, 2010

We know, we know – it’s been almost a month since you’ve seen a new blog from K2.  To say that the last 30 days were insane is an UNDERSTATEMENT.   Between casting, pre-production and a 5-day Conair shoot and and a 3-day Technomarine watch project, plus several editorials, 2 Marc Jacobs fragrance shoots,  2 birthdays, a road trip to the middle of nowhere, and an engagement, we have been drinking lots of coffee in the morning, and  lots of wine at night.  I’m tired just thinking about it!  We could have blogged, but it just wouldn’t have made much sense.

So now, we’re settling back into the normal swing of agent life.  As summer approaches, we want to make sure we’ve let you know all that happened in the Spring at K2, the little agency that could.  I’m taking  this opportunity to throw a bunch at you – there’s even more where this came from, definitely watch the blog over the next few weeks!

So what happened this in the last month or so?  Below is a breakdown, along with pictures to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lou Bopp
•Shot the cover of Beer Advocate (and did a case study on a beer company that pretty much rocks).
•Took a trip to the Mississippi Delta for the next leg of his Blues Project (which is being picked up for a gallery show this Fall!)

Bruce Soyez Bernard

•Conair, Conair, Conair: so much to tell, we’ll devote a separate blog entry to it.
•Shot 6 page spread for Kurv Magazine – pretty dang hotttt…

Joshua Scott
•Shot TechnoMarine campaign
•Marc Jacobs Splash campaign is out
•Worked with Fusion Beauty brands, shooting their latest product, “Prime Results”
•Editorial:  new work for Out Magazine

Seth Kushner
•Shot his 3rd story for L’uomo Vogue on Singer/Songwriter Sophie Auster.  Can’t show anything yet, it’ll be out in October!
•Worked with Sports Illustrated Kids and shot an “around-the-town” piece with NY’s newest WNBA star, Cappie Pondexter
•Shot Media Guru and author Doug Rushkoff for his Culture Pop Series
•Contributed 4 Photocomic spreads to a new book on Cartoonist Dean Haspiel

•New Circa campaign is shot and released
•Latest Hemispheres shoot is out in the June issue

Eric Michelson
•New fine art project is in full swing  – check out some of the first pieces below.
•Heads out to Paris this month for several European shoots this summer

Giving thanks – Conair part deux.

Posted in Our Humble Opinions, What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on May 7, 2010

Most of the time, I love our photographers.  And most of the time, I love our clients.

Yet its on very rare occasion where we show up on set and the ENTIRE CREW – hair, makeup, models, assistants, digitech, clients and photographer are in such perfect sync that I almost feel like my mere presence could destroy it.  I’ve also never been welcomed on set with such warmth.

This was the case on Bruce Soyez Bernard’s latest CONAIR campaign shoot.  I want to use this as an opportunity to thank everyone involved for making this such a success, both in the studio, and in the final imagery.  You were all rock stars (especially Diego Da Silva on hair, Paul Innis on makeup and Rebecca Weinberg styling), and I don’t think any of us could have asked for a better shoot.  Well, I guess cupcakes would have made it better, but you know what I mean…

And to the Conair client and Bruce – Thank you for creating an atmosphere where everyone can love their job, and for filling the studio with laughter, fun, and fantastic work.

Check out some behind the scenes images – Model is Marilia from Elite and she is drop dead GORGEOUS.  As Bob from Conair put it – “the girl can’t take a bad picture.”  Looks like she made Bruce’s job nice and easy.

Congrats to all on a job well done – see you in June for the 5 day shoot!

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