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Don’t miss it! Art and Portraits of YOU!

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Stop by GOWANUS LOFT during GOWANUS OPEN STUDIOS Oct 19-20 and see some of Ashton Worthington’s beautiful “Enthusiast Project” – a portrait series portraying people from disparate backgrounds that come together and form communities via cosplay, historic reenactment, LARP and much more.  This is an ongoing, long-term project. Every step deeper into these worlds reveals ten more layers.

Not only will you see these inspirational images, but YOU will have the opportunity to sit for a portrait with Ashton (no costume needed)!  Such a special experience that can’t be missed!

Details below:

Gowanus Loft
61 9th st #C10, 3rd floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Oct 19-20, 2019
Hope to see you there!


Before They Were Rock Stars – Massimo Gammacurta

There is so much good photography out there – so for us to take on a new artist, they need to have a combination of an incredible eye, beautiful work, a fine-art background, technical expertise, and a fun personality.  And did I mention they need to be drama-free (hence our motto)? Well, we found the PERFECT combo in our newest photographer – we’re thrilled to introduce MASSIMO GAMMACURTA!

Massimo is an artist at heart.  In 2016 alone he had a solo show called “EAT ME” at the Visonairs Gallery in Singapore and was part of a group show “Tempting Art” at the Mudam Museum in Luxembourg (as well as Milan in 2015).  You can see more of his accolades here – there are quite a few!  His work is conceptual, bold, and wonderfully thought-out.  It’s fresh and it’s fun.  And a little sexy – check out his “Kamasugar” lollipops, featured on Juxtapoz!

His clients include:  Adidas, Alife, Armani, Bloomingdales, Bloomberg, Buscemi, Carol’s Daughter, Cinti, Chanel, Esquire, UK Details Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Gilt Groupe, Glamour Italy, Google, GQ Italy, Guitar Aficionado, Hennessy, Lancôme, Macys, Nike, Revolver Magazine, Puma, Sotheby’s, Surface Magazine, V Magazine, Vogue Italia Accessory, Vogue Gioiello, WAD Magazine, Wired Magazine USA and so many more.

But enough from me – check out his work on our site and see for yourself just how awesome his work is.  And get to know him better by finding out what Massimo was like, you know, BEFORE he was a rock star, by reading below.

Massimo Gammacurta Blog intro


How did you become interested in photography?  started really early, around 8 years old. My father is a multimedia artist and loves photography so I was lucky enough to start by playing in his b&w darkroom and with his cameras. My dad is also an art history professor so I was always in his library reading books about art and history. I loved modern art, Pop Art, expressionism, dada, surrealism, Futurism that was my cup of tea as far as what I liked in art.

Also the movies were a big influence in my visual development as a photographer.

Movies like “La dolce vita”, “8/12” and “Uccellacci e uccellini” have been a great influence in my work. These director couldn’t be more different, Pasolini is a true realist like Caravaggio, for him death is just death there’s nothing beyond that, it’s reality without any illusions.

Fellini is surreal, the dream, the excess.

Both influenced me because they are so different but unique but what i learned the most from this great artist to escape from stereotypes and to be myself.


Where are you from originally?  I was born in Rome,  Italy but I’ve been living in the USA for many years.

Having been raised in Rome, where images and art are all around you, where beauty and messages in visual forms are primary, this experience has informed my deep-seeded desire to be a photographer.

What did you intend to do when you “grew up”?  It was either a fine art painter, a soccer player or a photographer but I decided to go for the hardest one to succeed…

What were you like as a teen? Do you see reflections of your teen self in your adult life? Always energetic, I had and still have a vibrant personality, and very demonstrative, it reflects on my work.


I recall one instance in London where i lived for a year at the when i was 19 yrs old.

was working as a photographer shooting test for model agency and my english was almost non existent to say it nice. I went to a Burger King in Oxford circus at rush hour time and i remember that I order a burger and a large “cock”. I wanted a coke but my pronunciation was bad and this english lady at the cashier (typical english humor) instead of giving me a coke made me repeat the “cock” word few time until i actually gestured the size of the co(c)ke i wanted it.

I remember all the Burger King patrons started to laugh so much and i didn’t know why until an Italian guy in the line screamed at me in Italian ‘bro you just order a large dick”. Most embarrassing day of my life, never step into another Burger King after that.

What was your first job ever? Assistant for a fashion photographer at 15 yrs old.


What was the biggest trouble you got yourself into? You don’t wanna know.  I grew up in one of the most dangerous areas of all Italy, I had friends that died and went to jail, I was lucky enough to stay out of trouble.

What was your first job in the photo business?  Assistant and also I was a b&w and cibachrome printer at a very early age. My first job as a photographer was an editorial for a german magazine called “Madame”, I was 18 yrs old and this famous editor chose me to shoot the Spoleto festival event. It was an amazing experience and I had access to all the fantastic artists there and I shot for 3 days straight.


What has kept your passion for photography vibrant?  To shoot and discover something that I haven’t seen before, to create new idea and to find a way to execute it.  My main motivation is wanting to create a basic tension in the viewer while provoking a personal reflection on certain themes.

What is a dream project in this business? I was lucky enough to achieve few already but probably to shoot an ad for Chanel.

 If you could anything else, what would it be?  That’s easy – a Soccer Player.  Ha!





Barbara Cole Opening – Meditations

Posted in Agency News, What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on November 13, 2014

We’re ecstatic to announce that Barbara’s new show is opening this weekend at Bau – Xi Gallery in Toronto. The show will be hanging until November 29th and cannot be missed, especially if you are in the area.

If you are looking for some inspiration before we head into the chilly months ahead or simply want some thing visual to swoon over check out Barbara Cole’s latest show Meditations. It is no secret that I’d personally love to cover my apartment walls with all of her images, such beautiful pieces of art! She does not disappoint with her new collection and we couldn’t be more proud and a excited for you Barb!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 5.07.10 PM

Monthly Wrap

Posted in What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on September 30, 2014

Happy almost October. It is hard to imagine that Summer is over when it was 80s  and sunshine last weekend in NYC. k2 creative Mgmt has been busy introducing our new photographer, Daniel Rosenthal (seriously check out his work already!) the feedback has been amazing!

The artists have been busy shooting in just about every edge of the world: Barbara Cole preparing for her new show (Bau-Xi Gallery) November 15th in Toronto, Lou Bopp shooting up and down the South for a new project, Ashton Worthington just returned from Afghanistan working on a personal project, Daniel Rosenthal covering New York Fashion Week and Joshua Scott on location.
The scheduling has been fun needless to say and we’re ready to bring on the Fall. We’ll be posted our new campaigns once launched over October and November on Facebook and twitter – follow us.

In the meantime we’ve decided to give a little taste from BTS (behind the scene) shoots this past month that k2 creative artists have been working on. Not to mention we’ve saved the best for last! #danielRosenthal #shootininskivves #timessquare #noshame

14-16 Visit MS Tourism



14-16 Visit MS Tourism

14-16 Visit MS Tourism




14-16 Visit MS Tourism

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.05.41 PM


Barbara Cole – UNDERWORLD

Posted in Uncategorized by K2Creative on May 16, 2013

It is no secret that we’re one of Barb Cole’s biggest fan’s, and she has many. Besides being such a  genuine soul who has stayed true to her art throughout her career, she just gets it! And the “it” we’re talking about is her artwork, we literally want to hang all of her pieces in our apartments. When we think we’ve found our favorite image, she come’s out with another collection that we’re swooning over.

We couldn’t be more excited for another gallery opening to showcase some her stunning work. Tonight is the opening reception the fine art gallery: Bau – XI in Vancouver BC. Barb will be speaking at 7pm, while the show will be up until June 1, 2013.

Congratulations to Barb for winning the Grand Prize at the Festival Internationale de la Photographie de Mode in Cannes, and third prize at the International Photography Awards in New York.


Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.22.10 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.39.56 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.40.30 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.39.24 AM


Before they were rockstars – Barb Cole

What can be said about Barb Cole?  For starters, she’s one of the most wonderful people we’ve ever met.  In addition, she’s a fantastic artist.  Oh yeah, and she’s incredibly funny and just goofy enough to make her approachable.  Barb is genuinely happy to work, to create, and to be in the water.  We’ve known Barb for 6 years – and have recommended her for jobs, regardless of who she was represented by.  It’s almost impossible NOT to – she’s just that special.  As her career continues to rise, Barbara Cole keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground.  Unless, of course, she’s in the pool.

In Barb’s own words, she “operates as a painter, but employs standard photographic tools.”  While many photographers rely on photoshop, Barb almost always captures everything – color, emotion, movement, light – in camera.  Barbara was again Grand Prix Winner of 6E FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL de la PHOTOGRAPHIE de MODE, Cannes and Dubai this year.   There is a currently a documentary being shot about her work.  She’s just started shooting the most amazing new project (still very hush hush, but I have a feeling the results will be magical).   And somehow, the lady manages to be a mother and wife – and oddly enough, ENJOYS baking her own birthday cake each year!

Barb’s just the best – an absolute pleasure.  And to top it off, she’s had quite the quirky/random life.  Read below and find out how different (and oddly the same) Barb’s life was before she became a rockstar.


Where are you from originally?
Toronto, ON  C a n a d a

What did you intend to do when you “grew up”?
I was going to be a librarian. Honestly. I was tested for a vocation and that’s what the powers that be came up with!!! I do like to read.  And, I love paper, and real books. No ebooks or audio books for this gal.

What were you like as a teen?  Do you see reflections of your teen self in your adult life?
D e p r e s s e d .  Yes. *Seriously, I could never have imagined how (good) different my life has turned out. Whew, feel like I dodged a bullet somehow:)

What was your first job ever?
I drove around the city on a Honda motorcyle, wearing a pair of red and white bell bottoms that said “Coke, it’s the real thing.”

What is the biggest trouble you ever got yourself into?
A friend and I skipped school. We got caught by a truant officer, who took our phone numbers. Then, the cop called me for a date and turned my friend Felice in at school.

What was your first job in the photo business?
I was a writer at a newspaper and the real photographers (the ones who were on the payroll) asked me to help them set up their shoots.

How did you get into photography?  What is it that kept you here?
It was a way to get attention. I can’t do anything else and get paid for it.

What is your dream project in this business?
An underwater fashion shoot for Yohji Yamamoto.

If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?
Living in the south of France and taking shots around my villa!  That is, if I had one.

Is there anything else (funny stories, etc…) you’d want to tell us that would work for this?
I made breakfast last week and thought that something smelled funny. Turns out it was my cinnamon toast that I had topped with roasted garlic powder accidently. Also the time I shredded (what I thought was soft cheddar) on my homemade chili and it turned out to be vanilla fudge. I could go on, believe me…


Again, what can we say?  Our Barb is quite the character (she’s the rabbit on the left!).  And we over at K2 wouldn’t have her any other way.

Underwater and it feels so good…

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Cheesy titles asisde : K2 Creative is excited to start the new year with an addition to our roster – we now proudly represent Barbara Cole, Underwater Photographer.

Katie and I worked with Barb several years ago – she’s one of our favorite people, and we wish we could use her imagery as wallpaper in our apartments.  Or dedicate a room strictly to her work.  Or have it projected on our ceilings and floors.

Seriously, we’re big fans.  🙂

And we’re not the only ones.  Much has changed in the past few years for Barbara Cole.  Her fine art career is BOOMING, first with her underwater series Underworld,  then White Noise and now with her latest and most acclaimed fine art series, Chromatics, an underwater experience where she has progressed towards a near-total dissolution of the figure, referencing and reinterpreting mid-century colour field painting. The result is a dramatic tension between the figure and form that tests the nature of photography and its impact on our experience of reality.

Barb’s always been a well-known and respected artist – but she’s been so busy becoming a famous one, that we thought she’d all but forgotten the commercial realm. Turns out she still digs it, and wants to work with clients that “get” her aesthetic.  We completely agree – if all advertising reflected a photographers true talent, we’d have some damn good work out there.

We don’t like to name drop, but we will in this case.  Barbara has shot underwater fashion for several large fashion houses, including Anthropologie.  She’s worked with Saatchi & Saatchi on personal care products like Olay, and even footwear from Gravis.  Barbara was the Grand Prix Winner of 6E FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL de la PHOTOGRAPHIE de MODE, Cannes and Dubai in 2008 and 2009.   She’s got massive installations at the Trump Hotel in Miami and the Princess Margaret Hospital Breast Cancer Center in Toronto.

Her work has graced the walls of several galleries.  Now, it just needs to grace the walls of my living room.

She’s on our website now, so check her out – you won’t regret it.

And, while it may not be said with the eloquence of some of Barbara Cole’s fine art fans (and she’s got many), we want to relay the following:

We think she rocks and are soooo very happy to be working with her again.  Yay!

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