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‘Santas’ by the amazing Ashton Worthington – part of his ENTHUSIAST project and a tribute to the magic of the holiday season.  From Ashton:

1200 miles, 6 states, 9 Santas.

As part of my ongoing ENTHUSIAST project photographing portraits of people involved in cosplay, historical reenactment, LARP, etc, I’ve spent the beginning of December traveling up and down the East Coast shooting Santas (my new favorite sentence). I find it beautiful how people come together from vastly disparate backgrounds, form communities, and become like family and find a place they can be their sincere selves. There isn’t an ouce of irony or joke-ness about these Santas – they live for this. They truly understand what they represent to children and how deep an effect they can have on their lives, and take that responsibility incredibly seriously. I BELIEVE.

See more of the project at enthusiast.ashtonography.com and on Instagram at @ashtonography

And from all of us at k2creative:  Happy Holidays. Stay Jolly.

santa card_6x9_final build_ecard


Ashton Worthington shoots PhARMA portraits campaign with Young & Rubicam

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Lou Bopp’s Gallery Exhibition, “MISSISSIPPI”

Posted in What's happening with the artists by K2Creative on May 19, 2015

The National Arts Club presents photographer Lou Bopp’s new gallery exhibition, “MISSISSIPPI”.

Join us and Lou for a reception at the National Arts Club, May 27, 6-8PM.   Bring some friends!

We’re so excited to see these image as they should be seen – in gallery form!  LOU BOPP INVITE OPT 1

Ashton Worthington in Afghanistan

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If you haven’t followed us on Instagram (Hello! Follow us here), then you haven’t seen the beautiful imagery Ashton Worthington is shooting on his trip to Afghanistan. He’s part of a team shooting a personal project that, in his words, has been an “incredible, mind-opening experience.”

Here’s a peek at what’s been photographed. There is SO much more. But we’ll have to wait for his return to see more of Afghanistan, through Ashton’s eyes. Stay tuned!

ashton afghanistan

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