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K2 Creative has a new website

Posted in Agency News by K2Creative on October 29, 2013

We’re ecstatic to launch our new website – a bit of a “face lift” for K2 Creative Management. For us, it has been a long time coming.  We’ve talked about this new site for over a year after having one hell of a time with our first site.  We’ve learned that a website is organic, and will continue to change and grow.

We’d go an inch to get things going (dang coding) and then we’d switch gears into being accountants, agents, producers and our own assistants as we got busy throughout the last year. Don’t get me wrong – we’re not complaining one bit. It has been an amazing year and we’ve been waiting anxiously to show off all the new work from the K2 Creative artists. They’ve been… well, BUSY to say the least.

The artists have been working on launching books and gallery showings from Canada to the South. We’ve worked with some great clients in the past year including Oral B, Manpower, Intel, Essence, John Frieda, Comcast, Jim Beam, Men’s Health, TechnoMarine, Conair, W Hotels, Coty and Gillette to name a few.

We hope you dig the new work as much as we do!

Joshua Scottjoshua scott

Bruce Soyez Bernard


Ashton Worthington


Barbara Cole

barbara cole

Lou Bopp

Lou Bopp

Paula Parrish

paula parrish

Before The Were Rockstars – Joshua Scott

Posted in Before They Were Rockstars by K2Creative on November 29, 2011

We’re down to only 2 BTWR posts left!  And this is one of our favorites.  Joshua Scott, still life photographer, always had a clear vision of what he wanted his work to look like.  We might say this a lot, but the work mirrors his personality – quirky, fun, bright and full of intent.  We’ve come to the conclusion that Joshua spends more time in his Union Square West studio than he ever could anywhere else.  Sometimes, we’ll get emails @ 2AM as he’s wrapping up retouching for a client – or a test he’s been passionate about.  But the best part of all is that all the hard work has paid off.  Joshua shoots for Marc Jacobs fragrances and his work can be seen everywhere.  Other companies like Fusion Beauty, Technomarine, Neostrata and Kenneth Cole have joined his impressive roster of clients.

But here’s what we love – the success hasn’t gone to Joshua’s head.  The dude is cool.  He’ll shoot anything interesting.  And he finds EVERYTHING interesting.  And, well, we find him interesting.  Took us awhile to get to know Joshua – but we’re so glad we did.  And now we present to you Joshua Scott – Before he was a rockstar.


Where are you from originally?
I was born in Alaska, moved around a lot up and down east coast and out of the country in Siapan (northern Mariannas Islands). Some time down south in Nashville, high school in Philly, some time in DC, college in Upstate NY.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Older sister is a Spanish teacher living in Ecuador, younger brother, a wooden boat builder in Seattle.

What did you intend to do when you “grew up”?
I always knew that whatever I did wanted to be my own boss and not have a “9-5”. Ironic though because now I work more like 24/7 haha!

What were you like as a teen?  Do you see reflections of your teen self in your adult life?
As a teenage I was independent. At 16 I figured this is pretty much it, now you just do you. I went to boarding school so parents rules or household did not shape me. I wenr on skateboarding adventures in the city and worked on fishing boat in Alaska in summer.

What was your first job ever?
First job ever was chopping tons of wood for neighbors stoves in Alaska.  7th grade.

What is the biggest trouble you ever got yourself into?
Selling weed in high school.  I was suspended and lied my way out of expulsion. I was also arrested and jailed for stealing alcohol bottles in a club. All that stupid shit. Tickets for jumping turnstyles. running from police for skateboarding/trespassing. Now I’m way to busy being an adult, an artist, and running a business to have time to get in trouble.  🙂

What was your first job in the photo business?
Shot portraits of underground musicians in the hip hop scene late 90’s for cds and such after high school graduation while using another job I had at Motophoto to steal film and get all the free processing and prints..

How did you get into photography?  What is it that kept you here?
I think what struck me the first time that I looked through the lens of a camera is the isolation. When you look through the lens all you see is what falls in the frame. It blocked out all the extra stuff and allowed for a sense of focus which before that I had never experienced. I liked the feeling of isolating one event or object and cutting it out from the rest of the world and thereby making it important. This is what I do in my images. Isolate an object or scene through composition or lighting in order to give it the feeling I want such as importance, strength, a certain meaning, or sense of value.

What is your dream project in this business?
My favorite projects are those where we assemble a team of talent and together we make something that I could never had done on my own. These types of images are bigger than myself and that makes them feel like even greater and more satisfying accomplishments.

I like projects where stylists create something I could never had made or art directors come up with ideas I would never have had. Then I bring that to life or reinterpret it or give it meaning in the final imagery.

If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?
I would be a musician mc/producer, or a professional skateboarder.  Two passions from youth which have pretty much been discarded to focus on photography completely. In life you have to make sacrifices and you cannot always do everything you want to do and you have to accept that. If you accept that it makes you stronger.  Living with regret would just make you weak.

Is there anything else (funny stories, etc…) you’d want to tell us that would work for this?
Sure, I’ve got two:

1.  I arrived at the studio I’m currently in about 1 1/2 years ago and on of my very first first projects was one of my most popular series – the Lola series. I shot large sets full of glitter dropping from the sky and rubber bouncy balls flying around. I used gallons and gallons of glitter and bags and bags full of super bouncy rubber balls. As a result even now a year later we will find a bouncy ball here and there  – or I will spot some glitter in some cracks here and there. This studio is of course clean but it seems I will find reminders of that very first shoot until the day I move out of here!

2.  When I first met Katie and Kristy from K2 they were just starting their company. I was new and they were new. I had only been shooting for about a year and they had only an idea for their company but not even a website or business cards. even though they came to me with almost nothing I saw the drive, ambition, and excitement, and energy they both had. This made me feel that a partnership with them would work for us all. Only about one year later their company K2 has a solid roster of talent that is shooting consistent projects. As far as I’m concerned K2 are the rockstars! haha.


And that’s Joshua in a nutshell.  Sweet, intuitive, driven, creative, and 100% HUMBLE.  Oh, and did we mention funny?  The guy truly is a rockstar – we’ve never met someone that worked harder.  Now take a look at his pictures.  I don’t know about you, but I think he was one adorable kid.  Can’t imagine that little face getting in so much trouble… 🙂

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