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There are three things that we cannot resist at K2 Creative in this order:

1. Coffee, the stronger the better
2. Traveling
3. Sweets of all sorts

Which brings me to the latest traveling adventures over the holiday weekend. I headed down south to the Caribbean to do some much needed scuba diving, while Kristy headed to Napa for some serious R&R. One could get used to either lifestyle and some times I think I already have.  I love diving, its my one and only stress reliever besides running. While down in the Caribbean I spotted 3 photo shoots going on while sipping on some tropical rum cocktails. I didn’t envy either one, because I have learned the importance of taking a flippin break every now and again. It can be a tough concept to grasp, but once you do you’ll never go back.

Although our old blog is gone (still makes me sad) when we started the agency almost a year ago we just gotten back from close to 3 weeks driving the West Coast. It was the a long time for either one of us to be a way from the city. We shocked ourselves by loving every minute of it. We were refreshed and

full of ideas and most of all learned the importance of taking a HOLIDAY. A word we never understood in the past, but now is a mantra we must live by. Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend and is looking forward the to the summer, I know I am.


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